Because my patients are my family.

Dr. Cedrek McFadden is trusted and passionate about the community’s health. Dr. McFadden is dedicated to not only being an excellent physician and surgeon, but also understanding the importance of empowering patients and communities with the tools to take charge and ownership of their own health and wellness.


I have observed that Dr. McFadden is a very compassionate, caring, and thoughtful physician. He makes his patients feel comfortable about very uncomfortable subjects. He takes time answering patients questions and concerns.

Sherry Miller, Registered Nurse, Greenville, South Carolina

Dr. Cedrek McFadden is a rare and enlightened voice in our national conversations about the intersections of health, health care, diversity, and leadership. As we contemplate how we can make the future of health care in America brighter than its past, we desperately need thought leaders like Dr. McFadden to remind us that humanity, justice, and compassion must always light our way.

Kinneil Coltman, DHA, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Cedrek McFadden definitely has a heart for the community. He is driven to educate and inform, especially regarding preventable illnesses. He is a proven leader.

William “Bill” Loyd, Jr., CEO, The Arc, Rockville, Maryland

Sherry Miller, Registered Nurse, Greenville, South CarolinaKinneil Coltman, DHA, Charlotte, North CarolinaWilliam “Bill” Loyd, Jr., CEO, The Arc, Rockville, Maryland

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Dr. Cedrek is trusted and passionate about the community's health.
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